Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photog 101

More like "Photography for those that don't know what a digital camera is".  Mr. Finn tells me I am a camera snob.  Perhaps!

We spent most of the time listening to stories of the instructor's camera incompetent husband.  When she was done with that it was mostly geared towards those that use the point and click digital cameras.  I realized I was bored about  45 minutes into the class.  Hence these photos.

I have no idea what the instructor was talking about here.
My favorite picture of the night.  Bet you can't guess who this is!

AND....can you believe the Instructor called me a distraction?  I prefer to think that it was a complement.


Tamaratravel said...

How many classes do you have? Hope you learn something new..They allow fish in the class too?

Kelley said...

Ha ha! I've never seen Jackie look like that! :)

Do you have more classes? I hope they're more interesting, with less husband-bashing from the instructor. Why do women do that anyway?

Shannon said...

hmmm... an adult calling another adult a "distraction" is funny. Someone is taking themselves a bit too seriously. Can you drop the class?

Clarissa said...

oh mother is...special! haha :) How are the classes?