Saturday, April 14, 2012


 Do you ever feel as if you are in one of those Alfred Hitchcock movies?  The ones where the ominous feeling is palpable?  You just know that nothing good is going to come out at the end?  Yet you feel compelled to watch it to the bitter end?

Isn't that how life is?  You are compelled by the very fact that it is your life.  Sometimes unable or unwilling to change the course of events as they unfold.  At the same time caught up in the moment and the sheer horror/beauty of what you are experiencing.

Hind sight always makes it seem easier or dramatic than it was, but I don't think it can truly recount what you felt during it.  I find that my emotions during trials run heavy.  Like a movie with the music thundering in your ears signaling the moment in which something epic will happen.

Trials are like that... they seem almost impossible when you are in them, almost inconceivable that you will be able to survive that moment.
But you always do.  You come out stronger.  At least that is the desire.

One of the conference talks I listened to today resonated with me.  The speaker was sharing about the passing of his mother that had battled cancer for ten years.  At her funeral, a prophet or general authority (I am never good with details) spoke and said that many would say that she suffered because of something she had done in her life, but he said she was a good women and the Lord just wanted to refine her some more while in this life.  It is a paraphrase and probably not a good one, but the message was clear to me.

We are in the last days.  He is refining his chosen people.  Weeding out the chaff.
Where will we fall?  Will we live up to the refinement.  Will it be too hard and give up?

Will we turn to the Lord for strength and guidance?  Will we trust Him?

Will our refinement be sufficient to earn us a place in our Heavenly Father's Kingdom?


Will and Marcie Davis said...

SO needed to hear this!!! I barely got to hear conference between breaking up fights with my kids so I need the paraphrased versions! :) I feel like lately thats all my life has been is just one trial after another....and I swear its all just mental know I am just being "refined" makes me feel better......I WILL help me! I WILL be a better Mom!!!

Shannon said...

I once heard an awesome description of the process of refinement, and I always remember it when I am struggling. The speaker explained that when a silver smith is burning off the dross, the temperature gets hotter the further into the process he goes. (The surface imperfections come off easily, and don't require as much heat.) The smith can tell when the silver is finally ready because he can see his reflection in the metal. So... when our trials are the most difficult, we know that Heavenly Father is melting off a particularly difficult part of our "natural man." We will be ready when the Savior can see his image reflected back in our countenance.
Hang in there -- from what I know, you are amazing!