Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring - 0, Winter - 1

Today is the first day of Spring.

Miss Boo is disgusted that Spring
is not strong enough to push
out Winter.

Me too!

I told her that sometimes Winter is
too strong and it takes Spring a while
to dig in it's heals.

My poor day lilies.  There were poking through
this week and I am worried that
they are frozen.


Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh no! I am SO sorry! That happens here ALL the time! :) I feel your pain!!!

Shannon said...

I would be SERIOUSLY depressed if we still had snow!

But is that a screened porch? Because I really want one! I also want to sit in that rocker - once the snow is gone, of course :)

Robin said...

I wish it were a screened in porch. We have it on the to do list as a must do. I love my rockers. I spend a lot of time out there in the summer. This is only the front porch. We have a back deck that is 3 times as big.