Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Value of a Good Friend

Last night was a nightmare. Miss Boo's best friend for ALL HER LIFE was LOST. How does that happen when it is permanently attached to her very being, you ask?

I truly don't know! A rare moment when I lost my focus and did not scan the area before leaving.

The error was not noticed until that dreaded hour of...BEDTIME!
And boy, were there tears and more tears and yet...more tears with wailing of biblical proportion. I got into my car (actually hubby's) at 10:30 to drive back into town on the off chance that it had "magically" found it's way to a curb where I could find it.

I was not to be the HERO this night. I had to find a substitute "blanky" for her. Thank you Auntie Barb for the gorgeous pink and white one you crocheted for her birth. She clung to that as if her very being could be soothed from the very touch of it.

AND THEN...there was silence. For 9 hours and then she awoke to her Daddy wrapping her in her precious Blanky that he had searched for the moment the businesses had opened this morning.

We would like to take this time to thank Platte Valley Bank for sensing the "specialness" of this Blanky and placing it in the most auspicious place for a parent that has had to go a whole night without it.

Her Friend is home and all is right in the world.


Tamaratravel said...

That is a great obituary....may the blankie rest in peace..

The White House said...

I feel your pain, If brutas ever lost his blankie we would be in massive trouble.

Shannon said...

So glad it had a happy ending. "Little Blue" disappeared when Paul was young, never to be found. I think I was almost as sad as he was, because I had plans to save it and show it to his children one day!

BEN and LAURIE said...

I love the new look to your blog. The heading looks awesome. When "the blanket" was here, she told me all about it too. That thing has received a lot of love!