Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th or 5th? Does the day matter?

When The Dude helps take the picture.

For a week we have been bombarded by the sounds of World I or II. You pick! Our neighbors have become more fireworks friendly and competitive or ego driven as each year passes.

I feel as if we have been under attack and today...the 5th of July...I am praying is our day of Truce from the daily bombings...dare I say...OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY?! Do I blaspheme? I will let you know if our surrender was accepted or the war rages on.

I do want to add a part that may turn sappy, so you can move on if it might make you a bit squeamish.

I am truly blessed to be a citizen of this country. It took me 36 years to make up my mind to do it. In the end it was a gentle nudge from Mr. Finn that helped me to see that I was already "in love" with this country. As the famous singer Lee Greenwood croons, " I will stand up, next to you, and defend her still to day. For I love this land and always will." Well, something to that line.

I remember when I was 14 years old and tagged along on a trip to Mexico with my friend, Leisel's family. It was the first time I heard that song and it made me tear up. I believe it was the first time I ever thought about being a U.S. citizen. When we came back through the border we were all singing at the top of our lungs; "Coming to America"! It was exhilarating! I have felt that way every Fourth of July since.

IT IS EXHILARATING being a citizen of this country. We enjoy so many privileges and freedoms that are taken for granted. I am no exception. I complain sometimes about what I see going on, but don't always give credit for the good. There are many women in many different countries that would trade their trials for ours. I am going to remember that more.

I have a Heavenly Father that gave me the blessing of living in this country so I could worship HIM as I please. I am able to have as many children as I want...just for the is 3! (refresher course for those that are saying to themselves right now, "Doesn't she have the two little ones?!) Yes, I have the two little ones and one that is not so little with way more little ones. But, she lives in a country where she can have as many as she pleases.

I really do love this country. I celebrate it's independence and pray that it forever remains that way.

I also want to express my love for the country I was born in. Canada Day was last week and I would be remiss not to thank that country for what it has given me as well. I have family that lives there and I am proud to be part of them. They have given me many values and traits that I hold tightly to.

And, lest I forget, this country is what brought me to Mr. Finn and with that came A LOT of BLESSINGS.


Enid said...

Thank you for your expression of love for this country!! I was so proud of you when you took the step to become a citizen. This is something I have yet to understand why someone wants to live here and enjoy the freedoms we have and not become a citizen. I spent a year living out of the county and it was a thrill to hear the Star Spangle Banner and be back home!!!

Shannon said...

Great fireworks photos! I, too, am "proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free..."