Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Twilight Irony

Through AMC Movie Watcher, Ralph was able to get us some tickets to the Grand re-opening of the Majestic in downtown Kansas City.  He got us tickets to Twilight for two reasons.  The main one was that James Bond was sold out and the second that it was a Vampire movie and he loves those.  I on the other hand do not like vampire movies and didn't have any desire to see this movie.

Now, here comes the irony part.  He was completely bored because it was a definite Chick Flick!  I believe I even heard the word boring once.  I liked the movie.  A lot!  Surprised me!  Not sure if I will read the books, but did enjoy the movie.  I have had mixed opinions on whether or not to read them, but since I don't have time to read as it is, I probably won't read it/them/whatever.  

I had a good time with the Hubby and was glad we got to be the first ones to sit in this beautiful new theatre with leather seats.  Absolutely beautiful.


Tamaratravel said...

It looks like a cool theater..great seats...not sure about Twilight..not a fan of the book..

Margaret in WV said...

In the books she faints - a lot. Best not to read them all at once as I did. I've never known anyone who fainted much less someone who fainted every couple of weeks.

I could see where teens loved the books but was surprised at how many adult women did.

I did like her book, The Host, though.

Williamson Fam said...

ooh....leather seats, nice! Glad you had fun. If you do read the books, it's good you saw the movie first that way you won't be disappointed. But I'm glad you liked the movie and had a great time.

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh I LOVED the books! I am a die HARD fan! I think its the whole Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy thing. VERY unatainable yet somehow they manage to work it out! BEAUTIFUL! I actually thought the movie was quite lame compared to the books!, but still okay! :) Cool theater!

Shannon said...

What a gorgeous theater! I am a Twilight fan (though not so much the fourth book) and loved The Host. I really liked the movie, too. Of course, take me to a theater and buy me popcorn, and I am usually pretty easy to entertain. :)

cuzin_mimi said...

That is so funny that Uncle Ralph wanted to go see Twilight!! We own it and you are welcome to borrow it whenever! I used to like the books, but now I think Bella is too stereotypical teenager, moody and poor me... i don't know. That theater looks really cool! The laurels in my ward, we've been going to the movies the past two weekends to see movies together and then get cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory! It's super fun, we've seen Obsessed and 17 Again (I would really recommend 17 Again it was hilarious and I don't even like Zac Efron!)
Love and miss you guys!