Tuesday, December 31, 2013


 I love Christmas.  My favorite time of the year, but this year I feel like I missed most of it.  We were gone for the first two weeks on our trip to Canada and got the tree up the 17th.  It wasn't long enough...
 I love coming home to lights and trees, but we didn't get lights up this year outside and we had to use a fake tree inside.  Blasphemous!  It will never happen again.  The children were happy… it's hard not to be happy at Christmas when you are little and it all about your presents.  I added something new to the Elf gift pj's this year.  I was touched by Miss Boo's letter of thanks.  She is so polite.
 Mr. Finn has always called the children Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Imagine how excited I was to find these in the Clearance Bin at Target.  The perfect pajamas and they love them as much as we do.
 The Dude was sad when I took down the Christmas decorations two days after Christmas.  I must admit that is really early for me, but it just felt over.  He said he loves the mantle the most because it is so beautiful.  That's a lot coming from a seven year old.
 Miss Boo is about Art these days and Santa took that to heart.  She also got a piano bench for her keyboard to help her practice better/easier.
 What can I say about the Dude.  He gets great joy out of everything.  Sadly, these little things that he loves got thrown out with the trash.  It's becoming a yearly thing with his stuff.
 We got a leash to help with our dog.
 No, not this dog.  That would have been fine with me, but Mr. Finn was ready for the pooping kind.

 This kind… I don't have anything against him, but I am not a dog person.  He is trying to win me over.  He might...
 My favorite gift this year was from the Dude.  Priceless!

 I am blessed this year with healthy children.  Funny, sensitive, ornery, create, smart, loving children.
 Christmas was small this year and we loved it.  We decided last year to take out all the "stuff" and make it smaller.  It was wonderful last year and this.
We are grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that deposited us back in our little corner of the earth.  Love this time of the year to reflect on the Savior and how key he is to our happiness.

Happy New Year!

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Shannon said...

It looks like a very happy Christmas, indeed! We still have our tree up. The Provo kids didn't get here until the 23rd, and didn't have trees of their own, so I am leaving it up until they go back on the 5th. As long as they are home, it still feels like Christmas ☺️ Have a wonderful new year! And thanks again for the darling apron - what a thoughtful surprise!