Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Surprise Gratitude

I see everyone on Facebook posting about what they are grateful for.  I am very grateful for many things in my life, but can't seem to join the ranks.  I feel very selfish about sharing it... I want it for myself.

In our world, where we are struggling with health issues, death and other issues, I feel the need to keep everything inward.  But while in the temple today I ran into a woman from our ward.  Actually, I could hear her voice while I was doing temple work and I got so excited that she was there.  Does it ever surprise when you realize you have stronger feelings for someone than you thought?  I have always adored her, but I realized I love her, that I think of here as someone very special in my life and I could imagine seeing her in the next life and be so happy for that to happen.  She saw me and I saw the same look on her face... I love how we are blessed with special people in our lives.  How Heavenly Father puts them there for us to enjoy and to be blessed by and to bless by knowing them.


I have a lot of friends and some of them I find myself smiling when I hear their voice on the phone.  You know those smiles... the cheesy, ear to ear ones.  I like seeing that in the mirror and grateful that I recognize the joy I have been blessed with.

I also consider this cat a friend.  She is a menace, but we love her.  She brings us great joy, even when she is being naughty.


Shannon said...

Friends are a huge blessing - weather you connect in the temple, on the phone or in blogland! I am happy to see you back here today :)

Ben and Laurie said...

You give me those ear-to-ear grins all the time. You know friendship better than anyone I know.