Thursday, February 21, 2013

Christmas Catchup

This is just one of those random posts to get caught up from our stay in Mississippi.

Christmas was small and according to the Dude, "This is the best Christmas ever!".  I think we are on to something.  It was so enjoyable and the children played all day with the few things they got.

We bought a 4 1/2 foot tree pre-lit tree from Walgreens and it was perfect for the "short" house we were living in.  Had to hang the stockings on the wall.
 This was the extent of our Christmas and I have to say it really felt good.

 A remote control helicopter was the "big" gift from Santa for our little man.  He was so excited.  Was worth waiting up until midnight on Black Friday for.
 Aunt Erika came before Christmas to visit us in the south and left them presents.
 He instantly fell in love with his "wookie".  Seriously, who wouldn't?

I want one!

 His Grandma Lois and Great Grandma gave them what they have been asking for almost all year.
 They are lucky kids.
 Santa didn't bother to ask Mommy whether Silly String was an appropriate gift in their stockings.  What a mess, but they did have fun!
They also got money from their other Grandparents, which is always a kid favorite.  They made sure they spent that on just the right gift.

Thanks to everyone that helped make our Christmas so wonderful.

It was a nice, quiet Christmas.  So grateful for our family and the blessing they are to us.


Shannon said...

I love simpler Christmases - they allow you to enjoy what is really important. And I love that your stocking says "Momma" :)

Mr Finn said...

That is because Sant knows that Silly string is super fun.
-Mr Finn.