Friday, September 14, 2012

First Day of School... again.

 The children started their first day of school... public school, that is, here in our new state of Mississippi. Such sweet smiles and excitement.
 How could this day get any better?
 This was the actual reality of that morning and pretty much every day since.  We keep hoping it will get better, but there have been some challenges that we are working through.
The Dude has only come out of school and said he has had a good day twice and they have been in school for over a month already.  Miss Boo is having a harder time.  I am in the office of her school at least once a week and for the first couple of weeks, it was three times a week.  I know the principal well!  Not because she has gotten in trouble, but is having a hard time adjusting.  With that in mind, I have a meeting with her teacher on Monday to resolve some issues with him not letting her go to the bathroom and that leading to some accidents that have led to her number one bully (Andrew) having more than enough ammunition to make her life more miserable.

I just keep thinking that things are going to get easier for them, but I still see them struggling with this move in so many ways.  I hate seeing them unhappy and especially watching Miss Boo go through these trials.

OK... some positives.


Thinking, thinking....

Just kidding.  Well, maybe not.  We have had regular family prayers in the morning and I see it bringing our family together.  We have had to regroup and rely on each other and that has been the Blessing that our family needed the most.

For that I am grateful tonight.


Shannon said...

When I was in first grade, the teacher made it very clear that she was NOT to be interrupted when she was reading with a student, NO excuses. So I wet my pants while standing at the easel. I don't remember the boys name, but I had an "Andrew" who made sure I remembered the accident all year. Let Miss Boo know she is not alone, it has happened to lots of other people, and one of them will be praying for her every day from way up in Manson!

(Hugs to you, too. As Moms we feel everything twice, once for our kids, and then again our mother-pain. This too will pass!!!)

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh Robin I am SO sorry you are struggling right now!!! Especially with the kids! That has to be SO it IS heartbreaking! I know.....Connor had bullying issues last year! I HATED it......BUT by the end of that year him and that kid were best friends. How did they do it? I'm not really sure. We taught him some self defense moves, taught him to stand up for himself and not back down and somehow they all worked it out. Plus that kid got kicked off the bus so there was no more "bus issues". I am STILL so leary and it broke my heart over and over again until it was done. Call me anytime and tell Rosey to hang in there! You too.....cause Mom's need hugs too....its hard to watch our babies struggle while we can't do anything to fix it!

Ben and Laurie said...

That family-togetherness is a blessing that is worth whatever it takes to get there. I'm glad you are feeling the highs that come from doing those things that will pull you together. Good luck Rose!