Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July Festivities

I need to blog.

Why don't I just do it then?

Maybe... because my spirits are in the dumpster.

I will let you see my children during the 4th.  Actually these are from the 3rd.  They couldn't wait to set off their fireworks they had bought from the tent set up in town with the big gorilla in front.

 They are a bit of a "pick-me-upper".

One of those said children is still sleeping at this hour.  10:15 a.m.

What kind of mother allows that?

 This is just the way you are supposed to stand when the fireworks are starting.
 I love their excitement.

 He doesn't like those loud Bangs!  Me neither.
 Thanks to some of the neighbors, the kids got to see some nice ones in the sky.
 She can be so sweet.
 Our children have been instructed in proper fire setting techniques.
 And cover your ears!


Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh I love these and I LOVE their facial expressions! Kids and fireworkds just equal magic! Its so much fun. On another note....sorry you are feeling bummed! Know that I love ya and am thinking of you!!

Shannon said...

I hope you are feeling better by now? I will keep you in my prayers. Your photos are PERFECT - I can feel the excitement through them!