Friday, June 24, 2011

Highlights of the week

We had a friend and her son visiting the last couple of days.  They took us along to the Science Museum with them yesterday and here's the rundown of adventure as seen through my camera lens.

 And with the imagination of children.  Thanks DJ for "Amphybio".  He made a few people laugh.
 The Dude totally loved jamming on those trash can drums.  Wasn't too shabby either!
 The trip to the moon was pretty "stellar".
 The contraption worked with the movement of your hands.  The kids were fascinated.
 I was too.

Where did his legs go?
And hers?
 Watch closely...
 Pretty cool, eh?
 Such a pensive player.
 What's the fun of it all without digging for dinosaur bones?
 And of course, a little golf.  She must have watched Harry Potter... looks like she is trying to summon some magic spell to get the ball in the hole.  lol
 And what adventure is complete without Lyle the Dinosaur?
 Just in case you missed out Miss Boo is trying to make it look like she is petting him.  Totally did it without and prompting from Mom.  Do I have an actress on my hands?
 And this picture totally cracks me up.
 Did I tell you that the Dude is a pilot?
Well, maybe only in his mind, but he takes it pretty seriously.
 How do you like her new glasses?  Did I mention that she lost her first pair after only 4 months while we were visiting Mr. Finn in the frozen tundra?
She looks pretty cute.
So does the stinker hamming it up beside her.
 I wish you could hear what he is saying into his hand.  His daddy pretends to be talking into a C.B. type thingy all the time.
His son picked up on that and was having quite a chat with an imaginary person.
He has since denied it.
 Who wouldn't want a pilot that intent on his driving... errr, flying?
 They were dreaming about flying in the clouds so they went down and made some of their own.
I love science.
 And... this was for Miss Boo.  It was really beautiful.
I wish I hadn't had the Dude pulling my arm telling me we didn't have to have pictures of everything and that he was done with it all and very tired.
It was a fun day!  So glad we were able to go.  The kids need these experiences for their minds... it helps them to stretch their imaginations and that was fun for me to watch.
Poor alligator didn't stand a chance.


Will and Marcie Davis said...

Ha! I LOVE that you did this! My kids would be the same with the alligators! They are fascinated by them! ;) Its all the alligator shows I let them watch.I can't wait to take my kids to one! As for Miss Boo's glasses! LOVE them! She looks absolutely precious!

Tamaratravel said...

That looks like one of the coolest science musuems...I love the glasses..they are so Miss Boo's...

Shannon said...

LOVE the new glasses! It looks like you guys made some great memories.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get on your site for updates, Neil Diamond music, and to connect with your family. Then I see their cute faces and miss them sooooo much. I just love you all.

Blessings dear ones.