Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yard Sale

I believe a careful choice of words is important in advertising.

If you want a big crowd for a sale, you need to put it 
out there in words that people love to see.


Don't tell me your heart doesn't skip a beat when you see those 
words on a poster board on the corner?

What is waiting for you?

What do you need?

What do you want?

These questions are answered when you 
stop at a Yard Sale. 

I am always looking for some bargain that will
make me feel like I have gotten away with 
something...because I know its true value.

(wallpaper sold 3 rolls for $1.00)

This time, the yard sale was for the benefit of my parents.  The
business closed after 30 some odd years.  It's all I remember
my Dad doing after his mechanic days.  I spent many 
hours visiting the worksites where his installers 
were laying carpeting so I could visit my Dad.

Well, not exactly, more like to watch his cute installers
lay carpeting.  But it was a great excuse to be 
there and they couldn't make me leave
because, well, you know who the 
boss was!!!

I am proud of my Dad for who he is.  He worked hard all
my life and we had a good life growing up.
We didn't go without and even though we
weren't spoiled, we had what we needed
to survive and I knew where that came from

I have great memories of Wally's Carpets.  I worked there in high school.
I was given the responsibility of manning the store after school until
it closed.  I was proud of the fact that he taught me to figure out 
how much carpet was needed and to measure and cut it for
the customer.  It was a lot of responsibility or at least 
I felt it was.  But I am glad I had the opportunity
to be part of his business and memories.

I love you Dad!


Will and Marcie Davis said...

Ohhh....I LOVE hearing good memories! Just reading this took me back to my own childhood! Love it!

Shannon said...

What a sweet post; I love reading your comments about your parents because your love for them shines through.
(I also would have loved to have been at that sale!!!)