Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas week in review

This is the first year I have attended the kids Christmas parties at school.
I was amused to see the Dude get into the spirit of things while watching
Charlie Brown Christmas.

Miss Boo love Mrs. P, her principal.
I love that she does what the kids do!

Miss Boo had to bring her favorite "cake" for the party.
Dark chocolate fudge cupcakes with whipped cream frosting
and decorated by her brother.

It warmed my heart Christmas Eve to hear Rosey beg for the story of Jesus.
She is such a tender hearted soul when it comes to her Savior.
I love that about her.
We carry the tradition of having new pj's on Christmas Eve and
I believe it is the highlight for us all.
They were not preparing to pray in this photo. They are actually chanting, "Bring on the Moolah!". I have no idea where they got that.

Christmas morning was fun!
The Dude got "exactly" what he wanted.
Just ask him.

Miss Boo loves books and was
delighted with all her new ones.

The biggest hits were the DOGS!!!
The Dude's is a robot dog and Miss Boo's is BOLT.

And it wouldn't be complete without 3D glasses
for the new "BOB" movie.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Quiet as always! Yeah, right!
We were visited by a blizzard and I was thrilled.
I love a white Christmas.
It always seems so magical!


Liz said...

Hey - I saw your comment on Courtney's blog and thought I'd pass on some tips.

On blogger, there's a new template for writing posts, which you can choose in your settings. In this new version, whenever you upload photos it gives you several different options for sizes.

Hope that's helpful!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL Christmas! You have the cutest kids! LOVE the "Bring on the MOULA" picture!! Priceless!

Shannon said...

Sounds perfect - and pass me one of those cupcakes, please!

Enid said...

I am so far behind but glad you a nice Christmas. Kids make Christmas!!